What’s your way of thinking?

What’s your way of thinking? To understand the difference between the self limitation and the self openness is the beginning to achieve of the goal.

Scarcity thinker:

1.Selfishly demanding and fearful

2. Rapacious

3. Unshared of the knowledge and connections, lack of compassion

4. Adhere to old habits and thoughts

5. Suspicious and indifferent

6. Hate competition

7. Pessimistic on the future and thinking many difficulties

8. Seeing challenges as obstacles

9.Small pattern, hate risk

Rich thinker:

1. Grateful and Confident

2. Hopeful

3. Willing share of the knowledge and connections; Compassionate

4. Believe to learn, grow and better develop

5. Believe in others and broad-minded

6. Love competition

7. Optimistic on the future

8. Seeing challenges as opportunities 

9. Big pattern, love risk

If you want to achieve your goal, no matter in life or work, you should adjust yourself to the “Rich thinker” mode.

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