The logic of Business

Many people say that business is becoming more and more difficult and the competition is becoming more and more fierce. Factly, it’s because that the business logic has changed.

The origin of the business is that you have food, I have prey, so, we can exchange. This is the trade.

In the past, because of the isolation of information, channels became the best way to obtain benefits.

The traditional business is to increase the price one by one. In fact, this is the thinking of the earning “Price difference”. You don’t know how much your upstream and your downstream can earn.

In the future business, your return is determined by the value you provide. The stronger the service ability, the more people you attract and the more returns you get. And how much value you can generate and how much money you can earn in the future are open and transparent.

The logic of business has changed, so has the trading model.

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AuthorAda Bu

As a business woman, I have worked in this field more than 5 years, here I want to share more business knowledge with any partners.

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