How to train your ability to solve problems?

As a manager, in our daily working, you need to solve all kinds of problems in your team, such as, maybe you need to help your team member to solve his problems of communication or after-sales service, you need to give him your answer. Or, you need to improve the working ability of your team members.

So, how to develop your ability of solving problems? Here we have some ideas share with you:

  1. Clear the context of the of the whole problems
  2. Own the ability to question
  3. Exercise your logic ability
  4. Your problem is not an exception
  5. Be good at using the Google
  6. Change your thinking framework actively
  7. Try to think subconsciously
  8. Keep your thought independent
  9. Insisting on leaning

Above only our suggestions on solving problems, the most important is you must exercise more and more in your real working, after several months, your ability will be improved obviously.

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AuthorAda Bu

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