How to judge a good item?

Usually we see all kinds of new items and meet different people to introduce how good their business items are. Also sometimes, we also introduce ourself item to others. So, what kind of project is really a good project?

Here we have five standards:

A. Light assets: Maximize the integration of social assets, controlling but not owning. Just researching how to control the resources.

Firstly to find the best customers, restructure the industrial chain. As a participant rather than integration. We must let others get the benefits first.

How much money you make, it depends on whether your assets are light or heavy?

B. Fast cash: Sell first and then produce. Not production before the selling.

Higher cash turnover, the same amount of money, in one month is the circulation of one or three times? It will come out different benefits. When will the invest capital come back? When is the fastest profit coming out?

C. Easy operation: Reduce products and take advantage of more channels. 

Simplified script, standardized the process of production, selling and after-sale service. 

Easy to copy and operate automatically.

D. Reasonable high profits: if different track, then change the circle. Upgrade customers and the senior customers more focus on value, not only the price.

E. Low risk: all companies have different three risk: 1. Legal risk; 2. Financial risk; 3. Risk control strategy.

If business item meet all the above standards, it’s qualified. If anyone standards can’t meet, then it’s zero. When all five conditions meet, if we can expand by three times, then the item will achieve 90 points.

We also can build our own business item according to the above five standards, then it will make us have an advantage on the marketing.

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