Chlorophyll Meter OC-CH


OC-CH Chlorophyll Meter can instantly measure chlorophyll content of plants or greenness, leaf temperature, which can help us know plant’s demands for nitro. Users can use the Chlorophyll meter to increase the utilization of nitrogen fertilizer and protect the environment ( to prevent the application of the excessive nitrogen leaving the environment, especially water contamination).

Working principle:

Two LED light source emits two lights, one is red light (peak wavelength 650nm), and the other is an infrared (940nm). Two kinds of light pass through the blade and play at the receiver, optical signal change into an analog signal. The analog signal is amplified by the amplifier and converter into a digital signal by an analog/digital. Digital signal is processed by the microprocessor, calculate the SPAD value and displayed on the display.

Technical parameter:

Measuring Range

Chlorophyll: 0.099.9 SPAD;

Leaf temperature: 10~99.9°C

Measuring area



Chlorophyll: ±1.0 SPAD;

Leaf temperature: ±0.5°C


Chlorophyll : ±0.3SPAD;

Leaf temperature: ±0.2°C

Min measuring interval

< 3s

Measuring mode

2wavelength concentration difference of optical methods


Silicon semiconductor photodiode

Display mode

measuring value: 3 digits liquid crystal display;

Measuring times: 2 digits liquid crystal display

Operating environment

Temperature: 1050°C;

Humidity: 85%

Power supply

4.2V 2000mAh rechargeable Li battery

Memory capacity

30KB, automatically calculate and show the average


200 g

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Chlorophyll Meter OC-CH

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