516 Combined gas detector for CO and Smoke

Combined gas detector for CO and Smoke in home and commercial place.


Power Supply: DC 9V battery

Real Human Voice Prompt

Low Battery Warning

Test& Reset Button

Sensitive level:

Smoke: 2.06%/ft ± 1.3

CO: EN61000

Alarm Sound: 85dB/3m

Working Temperature: -10- +50

Relative Humidity: 95%RH

Dimensions: Ф112*32mm

Execution standard: En14604, EN61000CC

Technical parameter:

Power Supply: 9V battery (6F22 carbon battery, DC TYPE)

Static current: <10uA

Alarm current: <35mA

Alarm voice: Smart human voice prompt

Sensor: electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor and Infrared photoelectric sensor

CO concentration: 000-999 PPM

Smoke sensor sensitive :2.06ft ±1.3

Alarm indication :red LED flashing and siren alarm

Temperature :-10~50

Relative Humidity: 10%- 95%RH

Dimensions: Ф112*32mm

Battery capacity: low battery alarm

If any questions of the Combined detector for smoke detector and CO alarm, welcome to contact us:

516 Combined gas detector for CO and Smoke

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