Chlorophyll Meter OC-CH

Description: OC-CH Chlorophyll Meter can instantly measure chlorophyll content of plants or greenness, leaf temperature, which can help us know plant’s demands for nitro. Users can use the Chlorophyll meter to increase the utilization of nitrogen fertilizer and protect the environment ( to prevent the application of the excessive nitrogen leaving the environment, especially water contamination).

PRT-08 Pesticide residue tester with 8/16 channels

Description: PRT-08 Pesticide Residue tester with two choice: 8 channels and 16 channels, it is based on cholinesterase catalyzing acetylcholine, its hydrolysate impacts DTNB to form yellow AZO. Organophosphate pesticides has effect on enzyme. Through changes of absorption value show the degree of inhibition and further reflect the pesticide residue in samples. The instrument consist of LED, thermostatic color pool, integrated photoelectric sensors, ARM9 microprocessor and miniature printer and can print directly and transit result of testing.

W-20 series Webster hardness tester

Description: W-20 series Webster hardness meter aluminum alloys Webster hardness meter (also known as clamp type hardness tester) is a lightweight, rapid field test of aluminum alloy Gold hardness instrument. The test is simple, rapid, a card can be read directly in line with the hardness, China colored YS/T420 standard and American Standard ASTM B647 is one of the two instruments standards recommended by YS/T420.

W-B92 series Webster hardness tester

Description: W-B92 Webster hardness tester is the portable Hardness tester operated by single hand. It can test the material hardness of the soft steel quickly and read the hardness directly, such as the low carbon steel, Stainless steel. W-B92 Webster Hardness tester used in many different steel products, such as the cold rolled plate, hot rolled plate, galvanized sheet, seamless steel tube, welded pipe, etc.

SHL-160 Portable Digital Leeb Hardness tester with printer

Description: SHL-160 Portable Leeb Hardness tester is the new product designed with the ultra low power consumption, high performance rechargeable battery, Intelligent charging management and the USB communication port. With the built-in thermal printer and the users could print the measuring data freely. The ultra high brightness LCD screen makes it available for different working environment.