Gas detection controller OC-8000

Description: OC-8000 gas detection controller with new design of Touch screen, simple operation. It could connect the OC-F08 gas detector to make up as the industrial gas detection system. It will display the all gas concentration for each gas detector, when the gas concentration level up to the preset data, the controller will alarm with acoustic and light signal. Synchronously, the actuator will begin to drive the exhaust or the cut off valve and other equipment, in order to prevent the poisoning accident, explosion or fire. The OC-8000 Gas detection controller could guarantee the security of the industrial working place.

Desktop multi-function indoor air quality detector

Description: The desktop multi indoor air quality detector with the laser sensor or Electrochemical sensor to detect the air quality of the PM2.5, PM10, TVOC, CH2O, CO2, Temperature, Humidity of various occasions and appliances, such as the factory, office, home, school, hotel, shopping mall, Meeting room, Library, etc. It’s with the advanced laser sensor to inspect and read the data on the display screen.

OC-512 Combined gas detector for Smoke and CO

Description: The OC-512 Combined gas detector smoke and Carbon Monoxide CO with the voice prompt and microprocessor control, the LCD screen can display the gas concentration data. When the gas level up to the pre-set value, with dust-proof, mothproof and anti-light interference etc. functions, ensuring the detector stability from design basis and suitable for all kinds of installation environments and also with the optional wireless interconnection function.

Chlorophyll Meter OC-CH

Description: OC-CH Chlorophyll Meter can instantly measure chlorophyll content of plants or greenness, leaf temperature, which can help us know plant’s demands for nitro. Users can use the Chlorophyll meter to increase the utilization of nitrogen fertilizer and protect the environment ( to prevent the application of the excessive nitrogen leaving the environment, especially water contamination).