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Trust is the basis of cooperation and the basis of long-term cooperation is that both parties can make money together, also the cooperation is very pleasant. We Henan Oceanus is committed to become the most trustworthy China purchasing center of our customers, we also have the successful case. Now we are more confident to do this great project and also share this chance to few important customers to become our partners. As the China partner, while receiving dividends, we also help you save purchasing costs and providing the purchasing center services and customized marketing programs to develop your company better. Finally, there is the benefits of China business travelling. We can make money together, play together, meet interesting friends from different countries.

USD10000 to become China Partner, enjoying China Partner rights (One year)

China Partner rights

Ⅰ. Dividend rights

Get dividend of USD500 each quarter

Ⅱ. Consumption money gift

Present USD1000 consumption money for all China products

Ⅲ. Voucher gift

If recommend China partner will get USD1000 voucher

Ⅳ. China Partner rights gift box valued USD5000:

How to mange team and customers?
1. How to manage team members & work?
2. How to build up your company value?
3. How to maintain customers effectively?

Ⅴ. China Partner service gift box valued USD5000:

1. China purchasing center service valued USD3000:
Your reliable China purchasing office
1. Help customers purchase Chinese products with lowest cost
2. Help customers deal with disputes between other suppliers
3. Help customers confirm the reliability of suppliers
4. Help customers inspect products and suppliers to save costs
2. Marketing consulting service valued USD2000:
Your private Marketing consultant
1. Provide the customized marketing program
2. Teach you how to execute marketing program efficiently?

Ⅵ. China Partner benefits:

Two person Business study tour in China Valued USD1200
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